Combine your boat trip with an excursion in the near vicinity of the canal!

Looking for a fun group outing?

Architecture walk Vilvoorde
Combine a trip with the Waterbus to Vilvoorde with an architecture-walk:
'Modernism in the '50 and '60 in Vilvoorde'.
After your walk, you can return by Waterbus.
Info Waterbus:
The publication can be ordered by 'Provincie Vlaams-Brabant'
and is also available by the city of Vilvoorde.
Tour & Taxis
Today the site of Tour & Taxis is a multifunctional place, open to the public, situated along the canal. The two impressive buildings house several offices, shops, restaurants and exhibition rooms.
Tour & Taxis
TEL: 02 420 60 69 -
For a guided visit of Tour & Taxis please contact:
Brussels by Water: TEL: 02 203 64 06 - E-mail
Water treatment plant North
The new water treatment plant Noord purifies the wastewater of 1,100,000 citizens since March 2007. During a guided visit to the plant you will discover everything about the way it is operated and the improvements it makes to the watercourses.
Water treatment plant North
TEL: 02 243 96 60 - E-mail -
Sewer Museum
A living museum - An unusual visiting experience

Did you know? The sewer network under the City of Brussels is nearly 400 km long! Thousands of cubic metres of waste water flow through these 400 km of underground drains and tunnels every day.
The Sewer Museum invites you on an unusual trip into a very hidden side of Brussels but which is absolutely vital for the running of the city. And unlike other museums, this one is active, with the River Senne playing the leading role. A museum that tells the story of when, why and how the sewers were built, describes the jobs that people do in this underground world and explains the city's water cycle. A museum to experience whether you're 7 or 77.
Sewer Museum
Pavillon d'Octroi - Porte d'Anderlecht, 1000 Brussels
TEL: 02 279 43 83 -
'Broodhuis' - Museum of the city of Brussels
A visit to the Broodhuis (Bread House), also known as Maison du Roi (King's House) is the perfect opportunity to see the collections associated with the history of the water owned by the Museum van de stad Brussel (Museum of the city of Brussels). A model of the 13th-century city helps you to understand the importance of the Zenne, both for trade and the fishing industry. Various paintings, etchings, carpets, scale models and works of art show you the history of the river Scheldt, the canals and the fountains, from the Middle Ages up to now. The museum houses the original Manneken Pis, the most famous fountain in Brussels, which eventually became the city's symbol.
Museum van de Stad - Maison du Roi - Broodhuis - Grote Markt
Information and guided visits on request:
TEL: 02 279 43 50 - E-mail -
Belgium's most famous symbol is undoubtedly the Atomium. It is a one-of-a-kind piece of art and one of the most amazing buildings in the world. Now fully revamped, it offers its visitors an original, aesthetic visit.
TEL: 02 475 47 75 - E-mail -
Guided walks along the Zenne
Co÷rdinatie Zenne organises guided walks along the Zenne and offers various leaflets entitled 'Zoektocht naar een rivier' ('Search for a river') aan. 'De Zenne in Anderlecht' shows you the river before it disappears under the city and 'De Zenne en de haven van Brussel' ('The Zenne and the port of Brussels') follows the Zenne in the old port in the Sint Catherine district. These walks can be specially adapted for pupils.
Coördinatie Zenne / Coordination Senne
TEL: 02 206 12 03 - E-mail -
Brasserie Cantillon
Also intricately bound up with the history of the canal and the Zenne is Brasserie Cantillon. Lambic beer has been brewed in a traditional manner here since 1900. During the visit you will discover this fabulous piece of heritage with its tools, machinery and manufacturing processes from the last century. A degustation after the visit is absolutely not to be missed!
Brasserie Cantillon
TEL: 02 521 49 28 - E-mail -
Biking along the canal route
Groups can perfectly combine the boat trips in Brussels and Anderlecht with a guided bike tour in Brussels. Bikes can be rented.
Pro Velo
TEL: 02 502 73 55 - E-mail -
Rediscover Brussels as city on the waterside
For guided walking, bike or bus tours through Brussels and its historical centre, to see curiosities or to rediscover the city as city on the waterside, please contact:
Brussels by Water
TEL: 02 203 64 06 - E-mail
Experience Brussels!
Interactif exposition about Brussels
Visit Brussels - Experience Brussels
TEL: 02 563 61 11 - E-mail -
Parlamentarium - The European Parliamant's Visitors' Center
Experience the European Parliament as never before. At the Visitors' Centre, children and adults alike get to discover in a refreshingly new way more about the institution that represents them.
The official website of Brussels museums & their most exciting events and exhibitions. More than 100 museums on the site!
For guidance during your discovery of Brussels and its vicinity, you can visit:
Visit Brussels - Tourist Office Brussels:
Tel.: 02 513 89 40 - E-mail -
OPT (Office de promotion du tourisme Wallonie - Bruxelles):
02 509 24 00 - E-mail -

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