• Organising tourist boat trips in, from or to Brussels, combinations of boat & bike trips and combinations of boat trips & tourist visits from May to September.

  • Educational boat trips for schools with special attention to the different functions of the canal.

  • Start of the sailing season of the Waterbus.

  • Research and seminars on the integration of the canal in the city.

  • Putting the different functions of the canal in the spotlight by organising specific guided tours.

  • Upgrading the canal to an axis for green transport by organising bike events along the canal.

  • Upgrading the places of interest along the canal.

  • Continuous training of guides and tourist assistants.

  • Consulting with the responsible governments on the improvement of nautical infrastructure and public equipment on watercourses.

  • Delivering guided commuting services by boat during big events in order to give these events a nautical dimension and to combine tourism and transportation.