Brussels by Water (BBW) is a development organisation that dedicates itself to the tourist, recreational and educational use of the navigable waterways of the Brussels Region. BBW thinks that Brussels should better recognize, appreciate, promote and use its image and quality of 'city and region on the waterside'. In this respect it develops projects to improve the city's status.

Today the watercourses - in comparison to the transportation routes for goods - have become attractively green and 'slow' waterways that play a role in a renewed kind of transport for people: sailing, biking and walking on and along the waterway.

In close cooperation with its partner organisations 'Scaldisnet', 'Kanaaltochten Brabant' and 'Circuits Brabant-Hainaut', Brussels by Water seeks to promote the 'connecting function'* of the watercourse by offering numerous qualitative and affordable boat trips on a regular basis. These include boat trips from as well as to Brussels and Brabant, organised weekly and on fixed days. These guided boat trips are combined with guided tours and activities directly after, including bike and walking trips.

In addition Brussels by Water organises (or supports) public events on and around the waterways and tries to work out a complete and streamlined approach of water management with partners from Brussels and the other regions via agreement and collaboration.

Together with its partners, Brussels by Water is setting up a documentation centre to provide information on water and waterways, conducts research, organises seminars and gives policy advice and undertakes projects on waterway development in tourist and recreational terms.

The tourist services supplied by BBW and its regional partners are carried out by Rivertours. Reservations of boat trips, combinations of boat and bike trips and combinations of boat trips and tourist visits can be made through its booking office. All means of transportation with regard to these excursions are also provided by Rivertours.

* between the different municipalities and towns along the watercourse